GDPR aspects are already a common part of any business: data mapping, audit, impact studies, risk analysis, internal procedures and specific contracts.

Irrespective of how much online or offline a business is, the specific data protection measures should be taken. Also, certain situations impose (by law inclusively) or at least recommend a permanent surveillance, realised by the external or internal data protection officer.

As other particular circumstances of niche areas, also the GDPR aspects have their own specific within the fields of Franchise and Art Law, given by the nature itself of the relevant activities.

As the perfect understanding of the business is crucial for the GDPR consultant in order to proceed with the specific activities, the apriori knowledge of the business, and the industry is always an unbeatable advantage.

Security issues, including those entailed by personal data processing, are extremely important for any business, and when more independent parties are involved, the need for security is even higher: this is always the case of the franchise networks.


However, no other business should overlook such matters, first for ensuring a clean business practice (by ensuring compliance) and then to keep safe from the potential legal risks entailed by data breaches and non-compliance in any form.

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