Culture`s tradition in Romania (our country) goes a long way back. On the other hand, the cultural market and its actors started to develop only in the last two decades. Even so, both culture and its actors should stay inside the legal frame. Art is – in all its forms of expression – visionary, while the legal norm is not. Law comes into art to protect the artistic product itself, its author and also the beneficiary under the shield of the state-guaranteed institutions. To serve well the interests of the art market, considering all the aspects involved, it is needed to know perfectly and specifically all the rights and all the obligations imposed to those who are operating on this market. The mediation of opposite intentions can be achieved only by knowing and recognizing all the freedoms and restrictions established by the legislation and by putting them together in a contract between the artists – on one hand, the art collectors – on the other hand, and the gallery owners and art agents who are empowering the market and are presenting the products to the public.

Multiplying success in business is possible and has a positive impact on the one who is sharing the success recipe, on those who apply it accordingly and also on the end user. Multiplying business` success is done inside a franchise network: the business idea that already shows a competitive advantage is licensed to other merchants to operate it identically. The direct and constant help the franchisor is offering to those using his time-improved business model, eliminates the risks of failure for the franchisee. The loyal customers of the franchisor`s brand have an easier access to the product or the service offered through the network, and the franchisees will make a community – together with the franchisor – working for the best business offer.

Vocation – the calling – should be the core mission of any specialist. The specialists of the law are sponsors of stability in legal relationships, which are omnipresent so, inevitable. In the legal realm, competition should and must be replaced by cooperation; information and analysis should reach the whole legal community. The specialists of the science of the law have the duty to be informed, to make constant efforts in knowing thoroughly the present legal norms from a full perspective: the past, the international law`s, the different law branches` – connected or unrelated to his or hers area, the field of legal doctrine and of the jurisprudence. This is why, any responsible legal adviser showing respect to the clients and to the profession should have a significant interest in the specific literature of the field.

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