Mihaela Mocanu


Email: mihaela.mocanu@cmvlaw.ro

Str. Italiană nr. 13, ap. 12

Sector 2, București, cod poștal 020973

Franchising lawyer in Bucharest Romania

I was born in Transylvania, in Cluj-Napoca.

This is where, in 2001, I have graduated the Law Faculty of Babes-Bolyai University, where I completed my Master studies in law and where I got my PhD with the thesis ”The Franchise Contract” – published by C.H. Beck Publishing House – in the autumn of 2007.

I joined The Bar Association in 2004 and since June, 2006 I live and work in Bucharest where I first came to co-ordinate the team of Piperea și Asociații law firm which edited/ approved the legislative documents representing the accessory legislation needed for the implementation of Law 95/2006 on Health Reform inside the Ministry of Health project „Technical Assistance for The Revision of The Legislation on Health”.

I reshaped my knowledge about franchise in a writing primarily dedicated to the entrepreneur – „Franciza, francizarea. Ghid practic” (Franchise, Franchising. A practical Guide) – which was written in an understandable language for the public. It was published in 2013 by Universul Juridic publishing house with a foreword signed by Mr. Bogdan Chirițoiu, the President of The Competition Council. I also published articles due to explain franchise clearly and simply to anyone interested – legal advisors, entrepreneurs, business reporters, business consultants – and I answered to all the questions asked by journalists eager to understand franchise. My work constantly involves a steady teamwork with franchise consultants from Inventure/francize.ro and together we don`t only support but we also tutor those who approach franchise as a franchisor or a potential franchisee.

While being a freelancer, I am grateful to Professor Gheorghe Piperea for his guidance and collaboration over the years – including during the writing of my PhD thesis – as well as to the lawyers of Țuca, Zbârcea și Asociații law firm who acknowledged me and shared their expertise.

Lately, I became specialized in the art market law, another niche and pioneering domain. Counselling the cultural actors is a virgin domain and a fragile one, while understanding the cultural product, appeasing the passions born by the circulation of cultural goods are interconnected with the compliance with the law.

I put together the answers I gave over the last years in analysis of the incident legal texts and I pointed-out some jurisprudential solutions, all in the light of a richer demarche – that of establishing the basis of the Romanian Art Law doctrine.

I am inspired by all and every feedback I receive – directly or indirectly – to my writings which have proven their utility for the respective beneficiaries.

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